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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 8, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news this morning -- the republican debate. >> the field wasting no time tangling with no front-runner rick perry. who said he felt like a pinata at the party. who won and who seems to be fading from the pack? also this morning -- triple threat. tropical systems lining up. a new hurricane expected today. and close call. oscar winner reese witherspoon hit by a car.
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and good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm tanya rivero. it was a clash of conservative ideas. a feisty first debate for rick perry. but one topic stood out. >> this image shows the top words used last night. right there in the middle, jobs. >> but who is most qualified to create those jobs and this is where the candidates clashed. abc's diana alvear reports. >> reporter: when it came down to which issues mattered most, there was no debate. >> create jobs. >> we created more jobs in massachusetts. >> get those jobs. >> jobs. >> we became number one in job creation. >> reporter: riding high in the polls, rick perry received his share of hits. >> a republican supreme court, texas has a lot of oil and gas in the ground. governor perry doesn't believe that he created those things.
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if he tried that, it wou be be like al gore saying that he invented the internet. >> reporter: mitt romney faced heat of his own. > have been outspoken fighting obama care. which needs to be appealed. now i'm running against romney care. >> reporter: the rest of the gop candidates sought to stand out in their own way. >> one thing that i know is that kids need jobs. >> i'm a physician, but you weren't going to answer me any medical questions. >> in order for the republican party to win, we can't run from science. >> reporter: and of course there were a few zingers. >> mike dukakis created jobs three times faster than you did, mitt. >> as a matter of fact, george bush and his predecember so created jobs at a faster rate than you did, governor. >> reporter: there was another famous conservative that received a lot of attention. president ronald reagan was present in spirit as they sought
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to align themselves with the gipper's principals. diana alvear, abc news, los les. now, the spotlight shifts back to washington where president obama is making that major address to congress. >> republicans are already lining up to criticize the president's proposal, two senators won't bother to attend. scott goldberg joins us live from washington with more on what's at stake. >> reporter: tonight it's president obama's turnrn he's going to deliver the speech that he originally wanted to give last night but rescheduled because of that republican debate. the president is presents his plan to createobs to a special joints session of congress. >> i don't want to get into the specific elements of the speech. >> reporter: the white house promises it will be a detailed proposal to grow the economy and create jobs. likely, a package of tax cuts and spending on projects like roads and bridges. the stakes are high with the popularity of the president
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sliding. >> president obama has to understand that he's still our president. he needs to step up and work against them. >> reporter: so the president will be speaking to two audiences tonight, republicans who control the house and control the fate of his jobs package and voters who control his political fate. >> scott, we hear so much about the spirit of cooperation when it comes to this issue. but not every member of congress is going to show up tonight. >> a few members of congress are going to boycott the speech, including a couple of senators, jim demint of south carolina, the republican said that he's heard enough speeches. and another republican from louisiana said that he's going stay home to host a football party. >> spirit of cooperation, indeed. scott goldberg live in washington. thanks a lot, scott. >> sure. now, to a developing story
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from libya this mornrng, a new message from moammar gadhafi. he called an middldle stern station to deny that he's fled to niger. which boarders libya. it's believed that phone call originated from inside libya. gadhafi also said that the claims he left with a group o o loyalists are quote, lies and psychological warfare from the rebels that ousted him. in other news s is morning -- parts of the east now and the heavy downpours left over from tropical storm lee just keep coming. more than 10 inches of rain have fallen across pennsylvania. floodwaters rushed through a mobile home community where dozens of residents were evacuated. many who stayed, they had to be rescued by boat. floodwaters were also raging out of control in the baltimore area, ellicott city, maryland, was especially hard hit. flood warnings have been issued
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from washington, d.c. to upstate new york. >> the 2011 hurricane season is living up to expectations. churning out a busy line of storms. a powerful trio is now converging in the atlantic. hurricane katia is moving away from the east coast but expected to stir up rough surf. tropical storm maria could pose a threat to the leeward islands and puerto rico. in the southern gulf nate could become a hurricane today. and in texas, fire crews are gaining ground on that state's most destructive wildfire. the blaze that scorched 45 square miles near austin is now about 30 .contained. lighter winds helped firefighters, but even so, the flames have destroyed some 800 homes. and for more on what to expect now in the fire, the flood and the storm zones, we tutu to the accuweather forecast center. >> rain continues to pour down on areas that need rain.
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we're not seeing any rain where we need it. dry mass over texas. the winds certainly not strong. meanwhile, looking at significant flooding across much of central pennsylvania, northeastern pennsylvania, many spots cresting at record levels here as we head into even friday. the heaviest rain has come to an end here this morning. this all was brought on what's left by lee. continued to bring tropical moisture in the region. again, katia moving its way offshore here, we're also watching two other named stotos, tropical storm maria and tropical storm nate in the gulf of mexico. ron and tanya, back to you. >> it is the peak of storm season. all right, coming up after the break -- the surprising new study about why we eat junk food. >> and then the threat to your breakfast table. bananas under attack by a killer fungus. new troubles at the national cathedral. h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@
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overseas markets are showing uncertainty ahead of president obama's big jobs speech tonight. tokyo's nikkei average picked up 30 points today. hong kong's hang seng is off though about 120. in london the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow surged yeststday, up 276. meanwhile, the nasdaq index shot up 75. business is booming at
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facebook. sources say that the social network's first-half revenue doubled over last year's to $1.6 billion the increase is driven by companies' eagerness to advertise. corporate fan pages have also doubled since last year. and brick and mortar best buy is taking a page out of amazon's book. best will now offer products from third-party sellers. your favorite breakfast fruit may be in a bunch of trouble. a fungal diseaea is damaging the banana variety commonly sold in supermarkets. scientist say that it will eventually will. here's a shocker new research suggest that we eat junk food out of habit. movie goers who eat popcorn whether stalled or not.
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but outside of a movie theater taste better. researchers think we eat junk food out of habit and we're really not paying attention. there's no better popcorn on the planet than movie theater popcorn. >> a movie is not a movie without a bucket of popcorn. >> that's right. shove it in your face, it's a mess. coming up next -- a-list actress reese witherspoon is hit by a car. we'll tell you how she's doing thth morning. and the frantic 911 calls when a man opened fire at an ihop. [ male announcer ] it's a fact: your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recocoend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system.
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our most advanced iams nutrition. ever. [ max ] oh, i'm not in your way, am i, doc? i [sighs] am an iams cat. it's real fruit juice; crisp, sparkling water; and no added sugar. and they come in these really cool cans. you want one? i'll wait a bit. all right. mm. refreshing. welcome back, everyone. construction crews repairing the
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tional cathedral, now have to figure out how to remove a crane that collapsed in a thunderstorm. they were e xing damage when the crane toppled over, it damaged two nearby buildings and several cars but no one was seriously hurt. a look at your morning road conditions this morning, wet on i-95 from richmond to boston. floods on i-70 from boston to baltimore. slick on i-75 and 95 in florida. and thunderstorms make for a slippery ride on i-10, 15, 25 and 40 in the rockies. and if you're taking to the skies, airport delays are possible in detroit, new york, philadelphia, d.c. and detroit. > d there's new information this morning about the gunman who killed those nevada national guardsmen. >> police said he was taken into
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protective custody while suffering mental health issues in april 2000. >> as david wright reports we're hearing the 911 calls for the first time. >> reporter: the last time there was a murder in carson city was three years ago. 911 here never gets calls like this. >> ryan, move! he's shooting at us now. >> okay, all right. >> he's shooting at us. automamac weapons. >> reporter: ralph sagler made that call from his barbecue restaurant just across the parking lot from the ihop. he showed us the bullet holes in the windows. >> bullets were just passing by our heads. >> reporter: he also showed us what his security cameras captured of the scene. that's his son trying to lock ththfront door. >> and you'll see the bullet come through, right there. >> reporter: among the people not so lucky, two combat veterans who survived war zones, only to be shot dead in an ihop.
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major heath kelly, a decorated field officer who served in iraq. sergeant first class christian riege, father of three who served in afghanistan. and sergeant first class miranda mcelhiney. she used to bake cupcakes for the troops. >> in a few short hours, we lost the same number of soldiers we lost in the entirety operations of iraqi and enduring freedom. >> reporter: also killed, a civilian senior citizen. authorities offered no new information about the shooter. they still can't explain why he had been t tgeting national guards members. ironically, his blue van had a yellow "support our troops" bumper sticker. how does a community make sense of this? today, the sheriff offered his thoughts. >> we're a resilient society. we rebuild. but we don't forget. >> and policee in virginia say they have identified the man wanted in a series of slashing
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at d.c.-area malls. they said that he would distract female shoppers and then flash at their rear ends with a box cutter or razor. none of the women were seriously injured but the incident gathered nationwide attention. >> in russia, the search is on for flight recorders in a plane crash that killed most members of a top russian hockey team. 43 people died when the jet went down. many of the players were nhl veterans. the type of f ane involved in the accident has a documented history of problems. now your baseball highlights. we get those from espn news. >> cole wright here with your espn news update. wednesday afternoon, justin verlander on the doorstep of 22 wins. his tigers take on the indians. bottom four, verlander, two-run jack. eighth of the season. tribe out in front. 4-2 ball game.
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top seven, now, tigers down a dash. bases loaded for victor martinez. no, he didn't. yes, he did. right over the dish, verlander, that's great run support. martinez's tenth of the year. tigers win, 8-6, and verlander gets his 22 "w" of the year. brew crew taking on the cardinals. that one is gone. and not coming back. his seventh of the season. cards up, 2-0. top of the ninth. same score. carpenter on the hill. facing morgan. morgan, not too happy about it. says something back to carpenter. albert pujols gets in the middle. take another look as tempers would flare, both teams had to be separated. morgan was ejected from the game. orioles facing the yankees. bottom four, yanks down, 4-2.
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runners on second and third. jesus montero, this is going deep off the right-field wal game tied at 4. top of 11. how about extra innings. still tied at 4. mark reynolds, that's reynolds wrap. singled to left center. orioles, they win in extras, 5-4. for the latest on the sports scene tune in to the highlight express. and oscar winner reese witherspoon is on the mend after being hit by a car while jogging. the actress suffered only minor injuries near her residence in l.a. the 84-year-old driver was cited for failing to yielding to a pedestrian in the walkway. >> glad reese is okay. here's an odd story from sweden, believe it or not, they have a problem this time of the year with elk being drunk. >> that's right, and they get
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that way from fermenting apples. which got this guy stuck in the tree. as you can see there, he just tried to reach for one more. >> they got him free. at which point, like any drunk, he fell back asleep. >> one neighbor said that the animal had b bn an all-day bender, nearly running into her car at one point. somebody take that elk off the streets. >> that's a happy hour, my friends. coming up next -- the stories we'll be following on this thursday. >> including america's return to the moon set for today.
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and now a look ahead at the stories we'll be watching this thursday, president obama puts the last touches on his state of the union-style speech. it will detail his plan to get americans back to work. republican presidential candidates returned to the campaign trail after last night's debate in california. mostly a two-man show with rick perry and mitt romney clashing over who created the most jobs. historic flooding that's slamming parts of the east coast is getting worse, the susquehanna rivers that runs through pennsylvania and new york has risen ten feet in just the past 12 hours. and nasa hopes to launch two
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unmanned spacecraft. a broad one rocket this morning. their mission is to determine what the moon is made of. but storms over florida could delay the launch. and the nfl season gets under way tonight in green bay, wisconsin, as the last two super bowl champs, the packers and the new orleans sats square off. >> should be a great game. for some of you, your locaca news is next. news is next. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you.
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♪ we're gonna have,we're go♪ ♪ we're gonna have a good day [ female announcer ] wouldn't it be nice if we focused less on the number and more on how the fit makes us feel? ♪ and all my ladies got pride today ♪ [ female announcer ] take the special k challenge. drop a jean size in two weeks and slip into size sassy. so many delicious ways to get started at what will you gain when you lose? next, commuters vowing to shut down a bart station tonight. a suspect arrested in the disappearance of michelle le. and saving schools, that will
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protect two east bay schools. >> we're saving clean air for today's forecast but the heat is on the way. >> we'll have traffic so j former vice president dick cheney was just a spectator watching last night's gop debate. >> abc's john thal karl sat down with former vp. >> reporter: dick cheney now on tour for his new book, isn't picking sides on the primary battle. in an interview with abc news, he had some blunt words, first rick perry, who just suggested that federal reserve chairman ben bernanke would be creating treason if he printed more money to deal with the economy slowdown. >> i disagree with it. to make that kind of suggestioio
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is kind of over the top and i think i would be surprised if we hear governor perry make that charge again. >> reporter: and he took issue with perry's description of scheme. >> i certainly don't believe it's a ponzi scheme. it's a program that great many people depend on. >> suggesting that hillary clinton should run against him in the democratic primary. >> hillary clinton is a pretty formidable individual. she's probably the most competent person they got in their cabinet. frankly, i thought that she was goininto win the nomination the last time around. maybe there will be enough in the democratic field that there will be a primary on that side. >> reporter: he seems to be showing off the device that pumps his blood and now keeps him alive. what if happens if you don't


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